Mutants in Spaaaace, Space, Space…

As a child, I was never that interested in the idea of generation space ships. I mean, what was the point, right? We were going to have warp speed or hyperspace to get us to and from all those amazing distant worlds. But reality is rarely like childhood imaginations. Not that that is a bad […]

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FFS, Stop complaining about The Doctor as a woman

Seriously, though. This complaint is as annoying as it is sexist. And, as far as canon for The Doctor goes, it’s just plain stupid. I’ve seen some rather stupid stuff, just in the little time I’ve spent online since the new Doctor was announced, stupid stuff that damages my hope for humanity a little. Stuff […]

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Poo-igloos and Dropping a Few Bricks on Mars

In order for humans to really start colonizing throughout the solar system, we’ll need to be able to build a wide range of buildings and structures. And, Andy Weir’s book (and subsequent Hollywood adaption) The Martian act as a cautionary thought experiment on how we may need those structures to be extremely durable. The problem […]

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Cover/Title Reveal & Writing Updates

I’ve been hedging for a while now about revealing the cover and title for the sequel to Scarlet Angel. But, I think it’s about time now. I still don’t have a specific release date, which I’ll explain a bit more on why later. Regardless, I think things have reached a point where I can’t really […]

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SpecMisc on Twitter

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RT @phranqueigh: I feel like every time a Trump employee quits, Oompa Loompas should appear & sing a song to teach us about the perils of g…
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Deborah Watling: 1948 - 2017 - Deborah Watling: 1948 - 2017  Den of Geek UKFull coverage


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